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Monday, January 30, 2012

Tying The Cheesman Emerger

Video of Chris Ramos tying his signature pattern the Cheesman Emerger.  The hook size ranges from size 20-24  This is a killer bug for trout slaying on the South Platte.  Check it out!  As always postive feedback and requests is encouraged.  If you would rather buy these tiny bugs they are available at Anglers Covey.


  1. Jon, just an idea it would be awesome if you could post the material list below the video as well...?

  2. I could definitely do that. Im trying to keep the video as short and sweet and clear as possible without a whole lot of distractions but I could to that and still stick with that theme. Thinking tie night we should do that mysis of yours?

    1. yea i can try! i tried tying it under 5 minutes and i couldn't because I'm not a very fast tier but we could stop and start a few times as i prepare the materials maybe? do u have any of your clear cure goo? worst comes to worst we could do a stepwise of it...

    2. Yeah man if that's how you want to do it? It's your bug. If you want you can give me the recipe and I could crank one out on vid after a few practice runs while you talk viewers through it? Totally up to you. I think tonight might be tough though because Frank Smethhurst is going to be a guest tyer and Dave sent out a mass email so it might be a little busy... We'll play it by ear.


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