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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Salmon Slaying On The East River

Sorry I havent posted anything new for you guys the last week and a half.  Ive been a guiding, fly tying, flyfishing, video making, picture taking fool!  That being said the East river already has a carp ton of kokanee in it and they are fresh.  I dont know how many of you trout bums have caught kokes when they have just entered a river system to spawn but they fight hard and are eager to hit an egg pattern!  We had a lot of anglers approach Kristen and I on this trip because we were the only people out of 6 fishing on our stretch consistently bruising lips and they asked us repeatedly what our secret was so Ive decided that next week we are going to go out with the camera equipment and shoot a video on my techniques for catching salmon in Colorado.  Stay posted!  For now I hope these pics wet your appetite and you get a chance to go out and take advantage of our poor mans Alaska! 

Click on the photos to enlarge so you can see the piece of bbq left in my teeth from lunch on the first salmon pic...

Kristen with her first kokanee salmon!  I think the smile on her face
sais it all.

Kristen with another of the many kokanee whos lips she bruised.
This is literally her second time flyfishing and she made it look easy
when other anglers were getting their butt handed to them. 
Video on salmon fishing coming soon!

The view from the top of Cottonwood Pass on our way to the East river

Daddy and Bree upset because they had to stop fishing and go home.

still upset...

Bree's over it, daddy's still devastated.

Its ok papa the fish will be there next week!

Tight Lines Everybody!

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