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Monday, September 19, 2011

Drawing Of Kleis's Hybrid Hopper

We wanted to share with you guys something kinda cool that I'm very proud of.  Julie Sprinkle, who is a guide and shop manager at Anglers Covey, is also an incredible artist, and she drew an exact replica of one of my hoppers that I tie.  Being associated with Julie is flattering enough, when she told me she wanted to draw one of my patterns I was pretty much speechless. She represents for the ladies in the flyfishing industry and is well respected by all her peers and coworkers -she is a true original.  A lot of her flyfishing related drawings are done on greeting cards as reprints of her original artwork and sold in the shop, so of course I dropped the dough to buy a package.  Here is my hopper on one of her cards...

Also since were being all positive and warm and fuzzy I just wanted say thanks to Bruce Dellinger for the great compliment you gave me earlier about my blog.  A lot of hard work has gone into and will continue to go into this project and it was super uplifting to read the positive things you said man.  Thanks Julie and Bruce!


  1. Wow...that drawing is absolutely amazing! Nice looking fly too. ;)


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