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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Flow Report - South Platte River and Arkansas 12-6-15

We want to apologize for neglecting the site! The last couple months have been pretty hectic, but we're going to double down and try and include new content and start back up with the fishing reports.

Cheesman Canyon/Deckers - 164 c.f.s.

Dream Stream - 71.6 c.f.s.

Elevenmile Canyon - 61.6 c.f.s.

Arkansas River Below Pueblo Res - 92 c.f.s.

Arkansas River near Wellsville - 558 c.f.s.

Arkansas River Canon City - 601 c.f.s.

Arkansas River Salida - 496 c.f.s.

Our advice is to equip yourself to hike into Cheesman Canyon, and bring plenty of 6x-7x fluoro tippet along with a box of midges and small dark bodied baetis nymphs sizes 22-26. Stick to the wintering holes - deep dark bottom pools. And, if you see fish rising, don't shy away from tying on really tiny Griffith's Gnats, Parachute Adams, or Matt's Midge.

Pueblo has been fishing good, but has been busy, so try your luck on the weekdays or come with the mindset that you're going to have company. Come armed to the teeth with bwos. Also, rumor has it that you can catch large quantities of smaller trout on streamers.

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