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Monday, September 1, 2014

Dream Stream Fishing Report 9-1-14

The current flow is sitting around 63 c.f.s. and the fishing yesterday down towards the inlet was tough. Saw a few decent fish, but they were spooky. 6x tippet and tiny flies produced a number of small fish for my clients. Best fly was a size 24 red blood midge that I tie similar to a rojo. Under these conditions, get there extremely early, and hope for a few fish coming up to tricos. Switch to nymphs and target the deeper pools as it gets later in the day. Honestly, there are so much weeds in the water that you have no choice but to fish the deep pools while nymphing. Deep being 2-3 ft...

Fishing - 4/10

Water conditions - 2/10

My advice? If you have your heart set on fishing here, fish below the dam. Or wait until the flows come back up, or the water cools down, or both.

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