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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quick Fishing Report For The South Platte and Arkansas River

It's been a great winter so far! Flows have been consistently fishable throughout the South Platte drainage from Spinney to Deckers, and the fishing has been great. Try to avoid the weekends when possible, especially on Deckers and the Pueblo tailwater, and I think you'll notice that even Elevenmile Canyon fills up pretty quick. Great fly patterns to carry are: Apricot eggs, Flashback Barr's Emergers BWO size 22-24, Black Beauties size 22-26, Kleis's Mojo Midge in black and olive size 22-24, Parachute Adams size 24-26, Matt's Midge size 22-24. Also, 6x tippet and smaller split shot are still pretty standard despite the great flows. The water is still extremely clear in most cases. If you're fishing the Pueblo tailwater be prepared to cover a lot of ground, and expect crowding to be an issue as you get closer to the dam.

Deckers/Cheesman Canyon - 179 c.f.s.

Elevenmile Canyon - 128 c.f.s.

Dream Stream - 125 c.f.s.

Pueblo tailwater - 71 c.f.s.

Arkansas River at Salida - 245 c.f.s.

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