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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How To Tye The Scudzilla

Hey everyone check out this "how to" video of Rick Murphy tying his signature Scud Shrimp pattern that he calls the Scudzilla.  One of the things that I have learned from Rick is most of the time Scud Shrimp swim with their bodies extended and straight.  Moral to the story is that the typical hunchback style Scud patterns you see aren't always a good representation of what the fish are seeing in our lakes and reservoirs.  Another thing you will notice if you see Scuds in our local waters is that they grow to very large sizes, and this especially holds true for the nutrient rich reservoirs in park county which is where this pattern really shines.  Now is a great time to throw eggs, chironomid  pupa, and last and maybe most important the Scud Shrimp.  For all the materials needed to tye this simple and effective stillwater pattern stop by Anglers Covey off of highway 24 and 21st street.  For availability and to schedule me for a guided trip send me an email at

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