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Friday, December 2, 2011

Toxic Chemical Spill In Sand Creek And The South Platte Through Denver

I just learned that there was a toxic refinery spill in the Denver area that has effected Sand Creek and the South Platte as it runs through Denver.  I guess the oily substance (comprised of benzene and toluene) was found last week and clean up efforts have been made.  The report I just read said that it hasn't had an immediate negative impact on anything but the posting I had just seen on facebook that got my attention had a photo of a dead carp.  The refinery known as Suncor produces jet fuel, and other oil based fuels and officials are concerned that there might be an underground pipe that is leaking fairly large amounts of petroleum into the South Platte.

Aside from being an important drinking water supply this stretch of the river has gained huge popularity as an urban fishery producing large carp and other warmwater species, and even large brown trout in certain areas.  It would be a massive loss to all of us if we lost this stretch of river and demands our attention.  EPA officials have given the company 60 days to clean up or else so lets hope they respond quick and no significant damage is done.  Click Here for the full story I found on google.

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