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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Orvis Flyfishing App Review

I recently downloaded an app for my iphone4 called iflyguide and to put it lightly, it sucked.  The app was suppose to give up-to-date reports and hatch charts for rivers all over the country.  Not only did it not give accurate reports but the hatch charts were so completely wrong and misguided that I got right back onto itunes and gave it a huge negative report and left a comment asking for my $5.99 back.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a refund. 

This started me on my search for an app that would quench my thirst for what I wanted in the first place, a great fishing app for any flyfisher.  I found what I was looking for ironically in the one place I should have looked before anywhere else and that was with Orvis.  The Orvis Flyfishing app itself is a pricey one at $10 but is worth it. Aside from the fact that you get the $10 you spent back in the form of a gift card good for $10 at any Orvis store, this application has everything I thought I was getting with iflyguide.

As a flyfishing guide on the South Platte River do I really need a report on the South Platte?  No of course not, but when I checked the report out of curiousity I found what was an amazing and extremely detailed and up-to-date report similar to one that I would give while working in the shop.  I was floored the moment I started reading! At first glance you see a pic of a gorgeous rainbow and underneath a map of the location and a nifty temperature gauge that shows a reading of how well the spot is fishing. 

Continue scrolling down and you will see the water flow in cubic feet per second, water visibility, water temps, best time of the day to fish, and the best flies to use amongst other useful information.  The fly selection is exactly what I would recommend for customers coming into the shop June below Spinney Reservoir with the exception of a few shop specific guide creations such as my Mojo Midge.  This insanely awesome app even gives you the name of the nearest airport to your fishing destination! 

Want to hire me as your guide? Keep scrolling and you will get a list of Orvis endorsed guide shops for the river in question.  Last but certainly not least the fishing report gives "tips of the week" including a 7 day forecast and a detailed description of the river aimed at anglers that haven't fished it before.  The total accuracy of the report on my home river gives me confidence that if I get on my iphone to look up a desired fishing location that Orvis will be arming me with the correct info I need when I plan on exploring new water.   If the fishing report section of this application alone doesn't get you pumped then you're smoking Cheech!

There are complete video tutorials on casting that include many kinds of casting situations and are designed for the beginner and the more advanced angler alike.  Easy to follow video animations of every fishing knot you will ever need on the water add icing to a massive Orvis cake and will serve as a very useful tool for me personally to show knots to customers in the shop.  The podcasts from Tom Rosenbauer are great and provide excellent information on a wide range of subjects such as entomology and reading the water. 

The Orvis app has a list of the top 100 flies fished in the U.S. which you can buy and have shipped to your home straight from your iphone.  Each fly has a short description, and then the app tells you what situations to fish each pattern which could be a huge help to first and second year anglers still learning their bugs.  Last but certainly not least you have complete access to the Orvis online store.  Standing in the middle of the river in a pair of leaky waders?  Grab your phone and order a new pair and be dry and happy and back in the water in as soon as two days.

Not only is the Orvis app a great fishing tool but it is far the coolest app I have on my iphone, and in my opinion this program is well worth the ten dollars that you basically get back in gear.  I highly recommend this to anyone passionate about fishing that is tech savvy and living in the iphone era.  Here is the link to check out more about this product from the Orvis website. Tight lines!


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