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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kleis's Korner Gear Review: Razor Scissors

It has been my experience that the second most important tool for tying other than your vice is a good pair of scissors.  Many tyers that come in the shop looking for a new pair because theirs had became dull to quickly end up leaving with the only pair I use which is the Dr. Slick Razor Scissor.  Even at a thirty dollar price tag 99 percent of the time If I show off a pair to somebody who has been tying for a while they end up making the purchase. 

Razor Scissors are insanely sharp and hold an edge very well.  They have wider openings for finger holds which is great for tyers with big hands.  They have a great feel in your hand and have a tension adjuster to help with control.  The tip comes to a very fine point which again gives the tyer a little more control and is great for clipping thread or material that is hard to reach or too fine for regular scissors.  The only other thing I use for cutting during the tying process other than an actual razor blade for hair spun flies is a pair of toe nail clippers ($2) for cutting wire and lead.  If you have'nt made the commitment to buying a quality pair of scissors that will last you a long time and make the tying experience easier and that much more enjoyable consider these.    

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  1. awesome review, I got to play with these last week and I think I am sold on them


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